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Fest Napuan

AWESOME NEWS ! We will be playing at Fest Napuan, the biggest music festival of the Pacific. We'll be playing at 5:00pm at Saralana on Friday 3 October, come listen to some jazzy/bluesy/swingy/frenchy tunes :) For the occasion, we will be joined by many local artists !

Back from Holidays !

We had a lovely time in Europe and now we are back at work from this side of the world ! Wedding season is kicking off, it keeps us busy and happy

Newcastle ukulélés !

Ukastle Ukestra's new music video : Royals (Lorde). Enjoy this funny funky amazing clip :D

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Itchy Lychee Project

Making music no matters the distances, this is the Itchy Lychee Project. Even if our friends are living everywhere in the world, we still make music together, create funky video clips of it and have a lot of fun :)

Roaming Mandarines

A musical postal card project, everytime we travel somewhere, we keep a nice memory by recording a song live, we do a "Roaming Mandarines"

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Herrang Dance Camp 2014

Our summer has been marked by 2 weeks of this incredible Lindy Hop festival, which is not only about this 20-30's black American dance and Jazz music but creativity and positive spirit. We had a blast :) Our sneak preview best of album is available here but you can also have a look at all the photobooth (Tuesday, Jumping, Airport and Swing Fighter II) and other projects (Tattoos of Herrang, Bikes of Herrang)

We also recorded a little song with extra musiciens, singers and dancers :) "I Like Pie, I like Cake"

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